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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Retiring StatsYard... But Starting Something New!

Short and sweet for this post: I'm retiring the StatsYard project for the following reasons:

  1. It's a bit too ambitious for a project that I don't plan to ever turn into a viable product
  2. "Next steps" are hard to settle on (for me), largely because of point #1
  3. It doesn't stand to help society in any meaningful way
So, instead, I'm going to pivot to a new project, which I'll discuss here as I go. It's something I hope will provide at least a little bit of societal value, and will be much more relevant to a wider audience of developers looking to learn more about Elixir and Phoenix!

With a little luck, I'll have a bit more to show and tell in the coming weeks. I just wanted to officially close out the StatsYard project for anyone who might have been following along. Sorry for any inconvenience, but hopefully this next project will be considerably easier for me to keep moving forward!

'Til next time, happy hacking!